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Ayurveda Medicinal Properties of Black Gram Vigna Mungo Urad Dal

Black gram or black lentil is well well known as urad dal in Hindi. In texts of ayurveda this bean is well well known as “MASHA”. Black gram is a bean grown especially in south Asia. The plant of this bean is make and hairy. It is an annual herb. It has a daub base which branches to form branched roots. The cylindrical pod of this plant contains seeds. The pods are customarily 6 cm long.

Nutritional facts: Black gram is abounding in vitamins, minerals and abandoned of cholesterol. It is store residence of calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese etc. Urad dal contains vitamins and dietary fibers. Due to tall potassium ease urad dal acts as an aphrodisiac. (High red red red red blood vigour occurs due to tall sodium turn and low potassium level. Black gram contains copiousness of potassium. This helps to change sodium potassium turn and revoke hypertension or tall red red red red blood pressure. There is a clever couple in between hypertension or tall red red red red blood vigour and erectile dysfunction. As potassium helps to revoke tall red red red red blood pressure, it also helps in erectile dysfunction. )

Ayurveda Medicinal properties of Black gram or urad dal:

According to texts of ayurveda this bean is complicated to ready and increases the moistness of physique tissues. It is honeyed to ambience and prohibited in potency. All these properties assistance to normalize or ease debauched vata. Consumption of this bean increases kapha and pitta.

Imbalanced vata dosha causes many diseases and also leads to group illness problems like erectile dysfunction, beforehand ejaculation, low spermatazoa equate and motility etc. Hence Ayurveda acharyas suggest use of “masha” in many illness conditions.

Anti inflammatory properties: According to beliefs of ayurveda vitiation of vata causes inflammation of tissues and initiates the prodigy of pain.”Masha” or urad dal normalizes vata and as a result has anti inflammatory properties. Usually a prohibited bandage of black gram is used in inflammation of joints and flesh pain. Massaging with herbal oil processed with this smashing herb helps to revoke suffering and inflammation

Nervous system disorders: This herb strengthens shaken system. Ayurveda acharyas suggest preparations of this herb in shaken debility, prejudiced paralysis, facial stoppage and other disorders which engage shaken system.

Disorders of digestive system: “Vigna Mungo” or masha helps to enlarge bulk of stools. The moistness augmenting skill joined with bulk augmenting peculiarity helps in easy transformation of bowel. Therefore use of this bean is endorsed in conditions like constipation, piles and colic. This herb is a very good liver stimulant.

Action on masculine reproductive system: Texts of ayurveda extol the aphrodisiac properties of black gram. It increases spermatazoa equate and spermatazoa motility.(Increases peculiarity and apportion of semen). It is very in effect in erectile dysfunction (impotence) and beforehand ejaculation

Action on womanlike reproductive system: This herb is in effect in dysmenorrhea and first amenorrhea .It increases divert secretion in lactating mothers.

Apart from on top of referred to medicinal properties, black gram also helps in augmenting physique bulk and physique appetite level. It strengthens the physique and increases lifespan.


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